Nutrition Services

Thomas Houle, Director of Nutrition Services 

Phone 978-779-0539 ext. 3045
FAX 978-779-6812

Please note: Students with a negative balance may not purchase ala carte items. (snacks,drinks or second meals). Students whose accounts are in arrears in the amount of $13.75 or 5 meals will receive a nutritious alternate meal until balance is paid.

Menu Pricing

Lunch $3.00
Reduced Price Student Lunch $.40
Milk $.50 (carton) - $1.00 (bottle)
Water $.50 (8oz) - $1.00 (16 oz)
Ala Carte Snacks $1.00
Breakfast $2.00 (High School Only)
Reduced Price Breakfast $.30 (High School Only)
Faculty and Staff Lunch $3.75 


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