Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)

The Nashoba Regional School District’s Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) is a parent-led group providing support to parents & guardians of children who have an IEP or 504 Accommodation Plan.

SEPAC membership is open to everyone in the Nashoba Regional School District Community.  Meeting dates and locations are included in the Nashoba Regional School District Calendar.

To join the SEPAC mailing list, send a request to nashobasepac@nrsd.net

We send out a monthly newsletter via email.

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Contact SEPAC

Co-Chairs- Kimberly Karn  and Frances Morgan, email: nashobasepac@nrsd.net

Secretary - Nicole Thomas   

Treasurer - Kaitlyn Smith

Town Representatives:

Florence Sawyer - Karen Yesue and Erika Elzey    

Mary Rowlandson - Charlene Cabral
Luther Burbank - Melissa Whalen

Center - Jenny Blounts
Hale- Lindsey Dyda

High School
Isabel Wells

Social Media
Facebook postings - Melissa Whalen

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Upcoming Free Workshops:

October 30, 2018 - An IEP for My Child
Nashoba Regional High School (Room 216)- 12 Green Road, Bolton, MA  7:00 PM

The Nashoba SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council) invites you to join us, in partnership with the Federation for Children with Special Needs (FCSN), as we host An IEP for My Child.

This presentation will delve into the Individual Education Program (IEP) document, its development, the breakdown of each section and understanding how the document will support a student.

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Past Events 2018-2019 School Year 

October 2, 2018 - Meet the Director of Pupil Personnel Services, Joan DeAngelis
Florence Sawyer School-100 Mechanic Street, Bolton- 7:00 PM
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September 6, 2018  -   Basic Rights in Special Education Workshop
Nashoba Regional High School-  7:00 PM
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September 18, 2018-  Empowering Children by Improving Reading Comprehension and Study Skills- The Kerrigan Classroom
Florence Sawyer School- Media Center (2nd floor) - 7:00 PM
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Past Events  last year and beyond:

April 10, 2018
Topic: Social Skills Curriculum and Supports: Preschool through High School

Where: Florence Sawyer Media Center - 7:00 PM
Speakers: Valerie Beyranevand, Kristen Diggins and Danielle Deyorio, Speech and Language Therapists
Form more information Click here

March 22, 2018
Meeting and Co-Chair Election
Where: Florence Sawyer Library, Bolton For more information- Click here

March 15, 2018  Topic: Transitioning to College for Students with Learning Differences
Speaker: Cheryl Gallaugher, NRHS educator
Location: High School, Room 216
Time:  7:00 PM
For more information- Click here   Document 2  PowerPoint

Thursday, January 18, 2018:   Topic:  Basic Rights in Special Education
Nashoba Regional High School-  Room 216 - 7:00 PM
Provided by the Federation for Children with Special Needs

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - Luther Burbank Middle School - 7:00 PM

Topic: How Are We Teaching Your Child? Co-taught math program
Speakers: Teaching team from Luther Burbank Middle School 

Last year the district embarked on new professional development to assist students in finding success in mathematics while supporting students to appreciate and admire the beauty and power of mathematics and the tools it offers.  At the same time, we want teachers (both regular and special education) to enjoy teaching meaningful mathematics in meaningful ways to all children, without exception. We want them to demonstrate their fidelity to two key objects:

(a) Children—all of them realize their potential, and

(b) Mathematics with rigor






Welcome to the New District Leadership


Joan DeAngelis, Director of Pupil Personnel Services and Superintendent Brooke Clenchy


Sept. 27th


at 7:00PM

Making Sense of Your Child’s Neuropsychological Evaluation


Dr. Joseph Moldover,

Board Certified Neuropsychologist

Wednesday, Oct. 19th


at 7:00PM

Understanding the Special Education Process when Your Child’s Behavior Interferes with their Ability to Access Curriculum, and/or Navigating their Social World


Lonnie R. Ouellette, M.A./M.Ed./Cert. BIA, Parent Ed./Behavior Specialist

Tuesday, Nov. 15th


at 7:00PM

Understanding Basic Rights in the Special Education Process


Provided by the Federation for Children with Special Needs

Thursday, Jan. 12th


at 7:00PM

Social Security Benefits & Employment for Students in Transition from School to Adult Life


Especially for parents of High School students


Kathleen Kelly,

Student Benefits Counselor for Mass Rehab

Click here to download lecture materials....

Wednesday, Feb. 8th


at 7:00PM

Transition Planning: It’s Important to Think About All the Time

See More....

Especially for parents of Middle School students


Cheryl Gallaugher,

Special Educator from NRHS

Click here to download lecture slides...

Wednesday,March 15th


at 7:00PM

How to Deal with Something You Never Planned On:A Parents’ Guide to All of the Emotions that Come with Raising a Child with Differences


Susan Senator, author of 3 books including Making Peace with Autism, mother of an adult son w/ ASD

Click here to download lecture details

Thursday, April 6th


at 7:00PM


Do you have ideas for topics you’d like to hear about and discuss?  Please come to a meeting or email us at nashobasepac@gmail.com.  Follow us on Facebook (Nashoba SEPAC) or Twitter (@NashobaSEPAC)